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Earning free meals is easier than ever! Get points for every dollar spent and treat yourself to a free meal every once in a while, our rewards program is designed to be simple, and they add up fast! Try it for yourself today.


It's simple

Great food starts with fresh ingredients.

From fresh produces locally sourced daily to quality imported herbs & spices. We make sure only top quality ingredients go in to make the best food.

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Delivery is our only business, getting food from our kitchen straight to your door is what we do! Get your food faster than your corner restaurant.

Menu Updated Weekly.

Be adventurous, we update our menu on a regular basis. Try many taste of Thai food with a fusion of other asian cuisines. 


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Friendly for your pocket, with our super affordable price and our rewards program designed to make it easy to enjoy Tie Food experience more often. 

Meet our team of drivers, hand picked from the best personality and experience. We make sure you get the best experience in food delivery ever. Track your order every step of the way and see who's driving your food.